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> Subject: How softening uterine cervix and pelvic tissue for an easier birth
> Softening uterine cervix and pelvic tissue for an easier birth:a simply
> ,faster,better,cheaper method to suggest to Your pregnant patients.
> I give You a freeware anticipation (fully freeware informations will be
> at my site :www.holypeaceland.com in work)of what I suggest to my
> pregnant patients :
> A month before expected birth ( about 36 weeks of pregnancy) they assume
> two teaspoons daily in a glass of water of an alcalinizing product (here
> in Italy I suggest Alkaflor Mirabilis-AVD Reform containing
> :Fructose,Sorbitol,Sodium citrate,Sodium bicarbonate,citric
> acid,tartaric acid,potassium citrate,magnesum citrate).The observation
> is that as You or your wife or a cook use bicarbonate of soda while
> cooking tough meat (muscular and connective tissue) You can suggest it
> to Your pregnant patients for softening uterine cervix and pelvic
> muscular tissue for preparing to an easier birth.The other advantage is
> to have an adequate stock of basis (our actual alimentation with meat
> and sugar products is mainly acidic) to prevent metabolic and
> respiratory acidosis of mother and foetus (as You see doing blood pH )
> during labor that means the risk of fetal brain damage.
> Post Scriptum:Sodium Citrate is used also as Anticoagulant in blood
> transfusion pockets :think to Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
> that is an Obstetrical nightmare
> Yours faithfully
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